Thursday, April 28, 2011

A good day.

When you have a good day its worth an entire post!

We started the day with Tornado Warnings but the boys got dressed and even though they were agitated by the change in routine, they both waited (relatively) patiently until it was safe to drive. All reports from school were positive and we slipped into an appointment free afternoon of playing on the computer and listening to Pandora radio with the full understanding that homework would happen after dinner. They took turns, played nicely and turned off the computer when it was time. They helped me chose dinner and then ate without fighting and used all their utensils appropriately.

Post dinner, homework was completed with minimal fuss and two smarty pants boys wow'd us with their superior knowledge of their multiplication tables and the number line (by 1s and 5s) respectively. This earned the all important Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy combo. And there we have a GOOD DAY! Autism WIN! Now I must evaluate.....

Possible causes for a superior day:

  • Cameron's new medication. We recently started a low dose of Respidral (which is still scary to me). Its still to early to tell if this is the "one" but I'm seeing positive responses so far!
  • Mommy's in a wacky mood. I got to spend a wonderful lunch and quick shopping trip with a good friend and traded emails though out the day to catch up with an old friend. I gave myself a pass at lawn work since I'm SURE the lawn was waaaayyyy too wet from all the rain this morning ;)
  • Daddy is in a good mood and is not traveling for business this week. He was even able to chaperone Cameron's field trip yesterday! 
  • Renewed hope with the possibility of using the Maryland Autism Waiver to partially fund RDI Therapy. This will require further research and a possible blog post!
  • It stopped raining, the skies are blue and the clouds, fluffy. But the rain really cut the pollen count.
  • Its Thursday and tomorrow is Friday which is just awesome!

Anyway to add that up, thats just a darn good day! Wishing you a happy Friday with no tornados, low pollen count, blue skies and fluffy clouds. 


  1. Where is the LOVE button :) So happy y'all had a great day. I was loving the fluffy clouds today too.

  2. I do love a GOOD day. Love you all...