Monday, August 29, 2011

Individualized Education Plan: Lunatic Autism Mom

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
Name: Maggie (aka: Lunatic Autism Mom)
Agency: House on the hill, the one with the weeds in the flower beds.
IEP Team Meeting Date: 08/29/11

Participants: Maggie (mom); Rob (hubbie); Cam (ASD kid #1); Adam (ASD kid #2)

Eligibility: C-Section 2001 & 2004; ASD Diagnosis 2004 & 2007

Primary Disability: Autism Induced Lunacy (AIL)

Supplementary Aids, Services, Supports: Medication as prescribed, Weekly Sanity Checks with a professional, Spousal Support, YMCA, Husband's Salary.


Goal #1
The Lunatic Autism Mom will keep everything in the calendar most at her disposal (phone) and will synch it to the household electronic calendar at least weekly.
by: 9/1/11
Resources to help meet this goal: This will be coordinated through the support of helpful hubby in ensuring that the technology "talks" to one another and by keeping the phone at hand at all times.
**This goal is 99% completed**

Goal #2 
The Lunatic Autism Mom will stay home one full day per week with the exception of driving the kids to and from school, no exceptions will be made for any reason.
by: 10/1/11
Resources to help meet this goal: Lunatic Autism Mom will chose one day per week, prior to that week, and will schedule that as her HOME day. She will not brush her hair, will wear sweats or pjs to school drop off and will, in general, be too embarassed at her attire and appearance to step foot out of her car. This day can be spent accomplishing long over-due tasks (painting), catching up on housework (laundry) or allowing herself to be sick when the fever is over 99.9 degrees (sleep).
**Week 1 HOME day is currently scheduled!**

Goal #3
The Lunatic Autism Mom needs more energy and needs to get in shape.
by: 9/1/11
Resources to help meet this goal: Lunatic Autism Mom has hired a trainer to literally kick her ass into shape. She will meet with said trainer 2 times per week for a minimum of 10 sessions with the option to increase her sessions to 20. She will not stress over the cost of this trainer and will not cry at the assessment appointment since"you have to start somewhere".
**Assessment this Thursday, please pray for me.**

Goal #4
The Lunatic Autism Mom will schedule fun and relaxing things during school hours at a minimum of one per week.
by: 9/1/11
Resources to help meet this goal: The primary resource will be wonderfully supportive and caring hubby's paycheck. Occasional weeks might allow for a 1 hour relaxation massage and other weeks might allow for a guilt free hour of silence at the local library. In between, the Lunatic Autism Mom will try not to skip hair cuts and will not allow her gray roots to grow to obviousness (as they are now). The Lunatic Autism Mom will "put her money where her mouth is" and take care of everyone in her family including herself.
**Seriously, I am 35 and have a full head of gray hair. I've been dying it since I was 16, bad genes I guess. How does one acquire that casual, classic, youthful, silver gray bob that looks so good on the models in JJill and Lands End Catalog? I would totally consider letting it go if I knew I could look like that in the end!**

Goal #5 (the final goal)
The Lunatic Autism Mom would like to learn something new this year. Something new could be kayaking, a foreign language, standing board paddling, snowboarding/skiing or visiting local museums for general knowledge.
by: the end of the school year
Resources to help meet this goal: the entire Smithsonian, various lakes and the Chesapeake Bay, the local library, Liberty Mountain and the kindness and support of handsome hubby to chillax with the boys during the hours that learning this new skill cannot be accomplished during school hours.
** Yeah like I need another hobby, I'm a big time crafter but I want to learn something not crafty, more active and something that I could eventually share with my boys once I understand the mechanics myself. **

Assessment report due: 01/01/12

In the immortal words of a person who never existed (and didn't fully understand correct grammar):



  1. In my world, it's a care plan or plan of care......and you are absolutely right......need take care of yourself/ourselves......maybe, I could schedule an extra day off this month.......preferably when the kids are having class.....