Friday, March 16, 2012

OOPS!!!! Long time, no post....

It's not that I didn't WANT to make a blog post, it's not that I didn't have IDEAS for a blog post (I had tons!), it's that I never found TIME to make a new blog post!!!  I've missed you all and I've missed this page.... so..... no matter what this is getting posted today even if there is bad grammer, horrible punctuation and disjointed thoughts! And here are some disjointed thoughts now.....

I know I've posted before about "I Hate Autism" days and now I am revising that because I think there needs to be multiple parts to dislike about Autism:

1) I hate the work that comes with a child that has Autism, the scheduling, the paperwork, the calls from the school, the IEP meetings, and all the piles and piles of paper that goes with every meeting, doctor, educator, therapist, non-profit group, resource, grant, ans insurance company. It is just piling up, falling over and overwhelming my desk at this point and this isn't even the BUSY time of the year for this stuff! (That comes at the end of the year, prepping for summer schedules and the next school year)

2) Everybody always wants something from a parent with a special needs child. The doctors want bubble forms and copies of every evaluation. The school wants input forms, copies of every evaluation and multiple fundraisers. The non-profits want $$$money$$$, when are they going to realize that it is ME applying for those grants and rolling access funds? We are the people who are requesting the MONEY! It would be foolish to send in a $100 donation and then request a $200 grant for music therapy doncha think???

3)  Of course there is just the plain, old, Autism Sucks days where you receive 2 calls from the school, you pick up a wild child from his classroom when you remember quite clearly dropping off a pleasant boy, the assessment sheet says, "hit a teacher, put hands on a student, sent to support", you make a break for the peace and quiet of home only to find that the internet is messed up and all calming strategies are shot to hell because 99% of them rely on internet availability. Less effective calming strategies are put immediately into place but will take at least twice as long as "screens" but is far far better than nothing.

Now... you all know I try my best to maintain a positive attitude about life always. Some days are great, some days are 1/2 great and some days suck royal. Sometimes its more important to know WHY something sucks, understand that there just isn't a thing you can do about it and work to get past it the only way you can. For me today that means, the stack of paper on my desk can fall over if it wants, it will still be there tomorrow. Funding requests from Autism Speaks, DAN!, NAA, ASA and the like will more than likely be passed into the trash bin unopened. I will revel in the silence of my house while the boys are at school and prepare myself for their arrival in the car at 3:15 with lots of noises, complaints, requests and kisses. I will remember that not all days are all bad and that sometimes you just have to focus on the good and let the bad float away in the nighttime.

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