Monday, January 18, 2016

Changes... Life...

I'm not much for change. Change means chaos most of the time.  We are a special needs family, if you are reading this you probably are too, so you totally get the Change=Chaos thing.

As much as I don't particularly care for change, guilt is worse. I really really hate guilt!! Lately I have had a lot of guilt surrounding this blog and my role within the special needs community. When I started this I did so with an open heart. I wanted to educate and I wanted to share hope, acceptance and community with everyone. What I seem to be lacking lately is time.

When I sit down with an idea for a blog post I usually sit down with a stack of research. I actually like to do research but it is the most time consuming part of writing for me. I haven't had time to research therefore I haven't had time to write.

So I re-group! I want to continue the blog but I want to write what you all like to read and I kept wondering if maybe the research stuff isn't as popular as I originally thought. A quick trip to the Stats page showed me...

The results, my top 3 blog posts are: (drumroll please!)

School Tour: Katherine Thomas School
I Don't Give a Flip, my opinion about Helicopter Parenting
Back To School, analyzing and expecting some issues with the new school year

These posts didn't actually require that much research and are three of my favorite posts as well!  I am very glad that they were so well received.

That being said, I am going to change the focus of my blog for a while. Since my readers like REVIEWS and THOUGHTS blogs and I like writing reviews and thoughts then it seems like a Win-Win scenario!!!

Right now I have two school tours scheduled so keep an eye out for some SCHOOL TOUR posts. I'm touring Katherine Thomas again, this time for their High School program and I'm headed in to Baltimore to tour the Kennedy Krieger School for their High School program as well. As for other reviews and thoughts, I have a lot of ideas so we will see what floats to the top over the next few weeks.

So change can be scary and I know we don't like it much but I am hoping that this small focus change means that I can write more, stress less and get back to the hopes and dreams that I had for this blog so many years ago.  Thanks for sticking with me, we're all in this together <3

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