Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Color me impressed

Thanks to Pathfinders for Autism I have a new obsession, a little piece of Autism tracking software listed in the most recent Pathfinders article, "There's an App for That!". Link:


I am speaking specifically of the AutismTrack app by HandHold Adaptive. With it you can track medications, behaviors, therapies,etc all from your hand held device! No, I'm not being paid by them and no, I haven't played with the app yet but it is very drool worthy for this Lunatic Autism Mom.  Imagine being able to input your medications, doses, times therapies and behaviors all in a day and potentially draw parallels between what treatments are working and what treatments are creating issues. At least that is what I would look for in the data. Maybe I changed vitamins on Thursday and it was the beginning of a new negative behavior,with this could I potentially make that connection faster and make changes? It sure would be nice!

You can't blame me, I'm married to a Software Engineer (oops, sorry *ahem* a Principle Software Engineer II) and isn't the answer always in the software?

Here's the deal though, certainly a possible deal breaker for me. It ONLY works on the iPad, iPod Touch or an iPhone and costs $49.99 from the Apple App Store. I don't have an iPod Touch or iPad and I have absolutely no interest in an iPhone so the start up cost for this is pretty staggering. I'm happy to see that apps are being written to help our ASD families but can you give some love to the Andriod or Palm users of the world?? 

Here's the company, feel free to drool along with me. Link:


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