Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heeeeere's Adam!!!

Adam is my heart and soul. He is sensitive, sweet, kind hearted, loving and when it comes to a fight he can give as good as he gets. I was so excited to be pregnant again when it was time for Adam. We found out about him the day Hurricane Isabella went up the Chesapeake Bay and it's been a whirlwind ever since! I was 5 months pregnant when we found out we were having another boy (yay!)  and when we sat in the office at Infants and Toddlers and found out Cameron had Autism.  I remember the psychologist asking us if we knew what we were having and I said "A boy!" He said knowing that Cameron had Autism and that it tends to run in families, our second son had a 1 in 20 chance of having Autism as well. It didn't matter, it never mattered. 

Adam was the ultimate chill kid and spent the first few years of his life in waiting rooms while Cameron did intensive early intervention therapies. He napped, we played, read books together, and created mayhem in the smallest waiting rooms known to man.  Through many sibling study sessions at Kennedy Krieger I watched him fall off the curve and into the "Autism zone". This seemed wrong because he was the opposite of Cameron in every developmental way. Thus the word "spectrum" in Autism Spectrum Disorder. My boys present completely opposite yet both have Autism.  

Adam is now 6 and in first grade. He is in a fully inclusive classroom and has only a part time aide. Adam's interests run deep and true. His first love was Thomas the Tank Engine. We watched Thomas, played with Thomas, made Thomas cakes, drew Thomas, scripted Thomas, etc. etc. Around Christmas time when he was in Kindergarten I said, "gosh, I wish he would out grow Thomas!" Welcome Star Wars and Legos. Thomas is out and Wookiees are in! He can introduce you to any and all Star Wars characters, he knows all the ships and bases and he knows the storylines from all 6 movies. Yet, he doesn't like to watch movies so he has never seen a Star Wars movie. Super smart Adam has learned everything there is to know from books and his research on the internet. 

Adam is a hugger and a kisser. Not just a passing hug and kiss but a "lets search the house until I find Mommy and tackle her" hug and kiss. Even then one is never enough. When I am sick or tired he sits behind the curve of my knee and reads me books and pats my leg. His kindness and compassion shows through and I believe it will make him one of those amazing adults that follows his bliss and yet keeps others close to his heart. Of everyone I have ever known, Adam makes me want to be better, do better, love more and give more. He feeds my heart and soul and I adore him "to the moon and back". 


  1. "Hi. I'm a Jedi Knight." He introduces himself in this manner to everyone and the usual response is "Oh you are?" To which he says, "Yes, I am." And he is. His tender heart leaves you breathless and the wonderment in his eyes makes you jealous. He is a Jedi Knight. I love you Adam.

  2. This made my heart melt. Thank you for this blog <3