Friday, February 18, 2011


(quick post, no time, early dismissal today- sorry!)

Last week I read about a boy who has started a group in California called Autism Ambassadors and it is neurotypical kids who make an effort to include kids with Autism.  I am so impressed by this boy and what he is accomplishing! It gave me some hope that something similar may happen closer to home and today I came face to face with it.

Adam HATES getting out of the car in the morning and walking into school. Many mornings we have both ended up in tears, he HAS to go and I have to FORCE him to go. He calms down quickly and he likes school but seeing his tears just hurts my heart. Last week a couple of his classmates stayed in the school lobby after they arrived, at the teacher's request, to walk with Adam to his class. It helped! Now, every single day these two boys wait for Adam in the lobby, without the teacher asking them to, and walks with Adam to class. EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am so impressed by these boys!

I want to do something nice for them to let them know how much I appreciate their help but I can't single them out of the class without causing issue. Soooo.... I think we are going to use Adam's birthday as an excuse to throw a big blow out party to thank all of his class for their help this year. I'm going to write an extra note in the boys' invitations to let them and their parents know how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness in helping a fellow classmate and my hopes that they will come to the party. Then we're going to go Star Wars crazy!!!

Additionally, I think I will contact the principal and Adam's teacher about possibly recognizing these boys at the end of year assembly. It seems like something that should get special recognition when a classmate is extra helpful to another classmate in need.

Anyway, short post today, just something I wanted to get off my chest. It gives me hope and hope is too precious a commodity not to share. For all my friends who also have young kids with Autism, I hope this gives you hope too.


  1. My 6 year old has autistic traits, and he is different enough that people notice. His K teacher has rallied his classmates around him and I am hoping they will be his allies for the next 12 years. I am grateful for that. :)