Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm sick and I need.....

Things That Make Me Smile

If I had a sofa I would be laying on it moaning about just letting me die in peace but I have no sofa because it is supposed to be delivered today. I really should have taken into account the possibility of getting sick before I hauled off the old sectional and left the room empty until the new one gets delivered. So I'm waiting waiting waiting on the delivery men who should be here any time between 11 and 2. Coincidentally the hours of 11-2 would have been the 3 hours I would have crawled back into bed while the boys are in school. Alas, I am awake, I am dressed, I am waiting on the delivery men, I am high on DayQuil and Diet Coke.  

Lets not waste time though, I could be sharing with the world my Rantings and Ravings! Since I feel like four month old gum stuck on the bottom of a geriatric patient's shoe I figured this would be a fantastic time to smile. Of course my kids make me smile and if Rob flares his nostrils that makes me smile too (I smile because I can't do it yet I've tried for years!) but the boys are at school and Rob is somewhere on a boat outside of some Naval Base in Virginia so today I am in charge of my own smile destiny. Thus I am wandering my house searching for smiles and listening to Pandora Radio (another thing that makes me smile) and cataloging things that make me SMILE!

  • Colorful pens to fill out piles of paperwork, write love notes to my boys and to keep the lines of communication open with teachers. 

  • Things with 'H's on them. 

  • The song If You're Going Through Hell by Trace Atkins.

  • Family pictures, wreaths, clocks, and words. This quote says: In a world where you can be anything, Be Yourself.

  • A book with such great dialog that you laugh, cry and smile along with the characters (plus it has to have a happy ending!)
  • Kids artwork.

  • Books, Books, Books, Books, Books, and stuff stuffed in around BOOKS!

  • Using things for purposes in which they were not intended and living things (although this fern has been dying since I accidentally gave it a sunburn in July, I have high hopes for a full recovery). 

  • A clean bathtub filling up with hot water and bubbles plus unlimited time to enjoy it. 

  • The possibility of a rainbow. 

  • A strange little dancing robot we got at Rob's award ceremony last Feb. He is hard to see but he is right next to my 'rents picture.

  • The mess that comes with a scrapbooking obsession.

  • Beads picked out by my boys, friends and family.

  • Really great chocolate.

  • Oddly specific dish-ware. In addition to this one I have a small pitcher that says MILK and a mug that says TEA.

  • The fact that my cold has lowered my voice so much that I can sing along with all the twangy songs on my country stations (and Lady Gaga which has to be a strange coincidence). 

  • Homemade gifts

  • Everything about this picture.

  • The possibility of feeling better. 

  • Everyone who reads my blog, "likes" it and comments!

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  1. Your smile makes me smile... and knowing that you still can't flare your nostrils, but Adam can. :)