Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Are We Calm Yet? Making CALM JARS

It's day 3 of Summer Vacation and as I stated earlier (on the Facebook page) it is the summer of ART! Today we did our first project. CALM JARS

I would love to say that the boys are super excited about the Summer of Art but quite frankly, they aren't so stoked.  Art doesn't usually involve a screen and they are very very addicted to screens. Part of the plan was to choose projects to get them away from screens so like it or not, we will do ART! (or crafts, whatever)

Today we were supposed to have storms all afternoon so I figured it would be a great day to do Calm Jars. I found this link:

And decided to have the boys make the Glitter Calm Down Bottle while I made the Ocean in a Bottle. Both are super simple and don't require a lot of materials.  I had a few left over bottles, two NeuroBliss bottles and one small Smart Water bottle.  

First we assembled our stuff, 

Cameron chose purple, gold and green glitter with gold stars. (The M&Ms were snack and my leverage to get them to come to the table) Adam chose blue and silver glitter and silver stars. I spent a good amount of time trying to decide which order these should go in the bottle, the instructions were a little vague so I tried to be logical.  We went with:

Glue -> Food Coloring (1 drop) -> Glitter -> Hot Water


The glue took the longest, received the most complaining and almost doubled as heavy work. There are much easier ways to get glue in a bottle but I'm glad we squeezed it through the little orange cap, sometimes things aren't easy but they are worth it.  

My jar was probably the easiest. 

Fill the bottle 2/3 full of water -> I added white glitter (why should the boys have all the fun?) -> fill the rest of the bottle with oil -> Shake

The result!!!

Cam's is on the left, mine in the middle, Adam's on the right

Are we more calm? Nah. Did the storm arrive? Nope. How long were we off of screens? ONE SOLID HOUR! I'll take it! 

**That sounds like they spend the entire rest of the day on screen which isn't exactly the case. When they aren't on screens they like to look through the books we got at the library, maybe even read some of them, play with Legos, fight and ASK CONSTANTLY for screens!!! Sometimes they eat too.**

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