Friday, June 19, 2015

Welcome to Free Day

Today wasn't supposed to be a Free Day. I had plans for the day, an adventure!!! Well, not really, the boys love doing the Utz Factory Tour during the summer and I had planned on taking them today. Unfortunately, the (free, self guided!) tour isn't open on Friday.  :(

The Hubs and I talked about it this morning, me saying, "I don't know what to do today, I *should* stay home and do laundry but the boys will be so bored!" He suggested a "Free Day", kissed me on the forehead and headed back downstairs to make sure the boys aren't eating cookies for breakfast before heading off to work. (I'm a lucky gal!)

I laid back in bed and thought about a Free Day, what would that look like? What would we do? There would have to be rules, we can't just go with Martial Law for a full day... can we? 


Since the forecast looks like this 
(Love you Just In Weather!)

And the laundry pile looks like this

A FREE DAY it will be!!!

Rules for a FREE DAY:
  1. You may do whatever you want EXCEPT: property destruction, saying mean or hurtful things, hitting, kicking, biting, spitting, bumping, slapping, sitting on another person, or anything else that may fall under the category of "keeping personal space" (some exclusion apply*)
  2. Any infraction of the above rules will result in a 30 minute Free Day ALL STOP! It doesn't matter who did what, where it happened or if you feel "justified" in your behavior. An ALL STOP means everything goes off, silence will reign and I don't want to hear another word for a minimum of 30 minutes. 
  3. All regular screen restrictions apply, this does not mean you have full access to Netflix, YouTube, or the entire Internet in any way. 
  4. I want to hear all about your Wii adventure, movie, tv show, book, picture, Lego creation, etc!!
  5. All daily chores and personal care still must be completed. Cameron will unload the diswasher and Adam will feed the cat after dinner, as usual. Additionally, you will be responsible for folding your laundry basket after dinner as well. Teeth brushing, showering, putting on clean underwear, wearing deodorant is NOT OPTIONAL!

You will find me in the laundry room... Just kidding! 

I spend the majority of the year saying no, limiting screen time, policing the "junk food" stash and making sure everyone's shirts match their pants, the idea of having a day where I get to say YES the majority of the time makes me feel giddy!  Being able to give myself a free day as well is very appealing. I'll still cycle the laundry because it needs done but maybe I'll also listen to a great audio book while I'm at it. I still need to make sure the troops get fed, but maybe it's okay to heat up the left over pizza and call it lunch. Maybe I'll tackle one of those big clean up, non-priority, projects (my desk!)  or maybe I'll start a new crochet block. Maybe I'll sit downstairs and watch Adam play Splatoon, maybe I'll even get to play too!  Maybe Cam will ask me to play a board game with him or watch a game show! Honestly, I cannot wait to see how the day will go.

For now, you'll have to excuse me. It's 8am and I think I'm going to have cookies and milk for breakfast. It is a Free Day after all.  

* exclusions include hugging, kissing, cuddling and snuggling Mommy. 

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