Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dear Mr. Psychologist:

Dear Mr. Psychologist:

You spent two hours with my son today.
You put blocks in front of him. You put pictures in front of him. You filled out a form.

You saw him for the first time ever today.
Your prior familiarity of him came from a manilla envelope.

You want me not to expect much.
You said the data would be no different than the prior two evaluations.

Dear Mr. Psychologist:

You told me his score was low.
You told me my expectations are not realistic.
You said you were surprised he had come as far as he had.

Dear Mr. Psychologist:

What you don't know is that we have seen your type before.
That you cannot get accurate data from a child in an unfamiliar setting with an unfamiliar person.
That I didn't request this test, I allowed it.
Intelligence Quotient cannot help set goals or adaptations.
Your results are irrelevant.
They serve no useful purpose.

Dear Mr. Psychologist:

We were told that he would not talk and yet he talks my ears off.
We were told that he would never show affection yet he gives the best hugs and cuddles ever.
You listened to and then dismissed everyone in the meeting who said what a smart and fun boy he is.
You decided prior to your testing what the outcome would be.
The time you have spent with my son is less than a fraction of his life, I won't allow the results to impact him any longer than that.
Your "realistic expectations" do not matter to us.

We have already smashed and demolished every "realistic expectation" set upon us not because of you, Dear Mr. Psychologist, but in spite of you.  

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