Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dear Sons,

Dear Cameron & Adam, 

I'm sorry. 

Now that you are getting older and we are starting to look to life after school it is with great regret that I must now go against everything in me and try and teach you how to conform. If it were up to me you would forever be able to remain your unique and wonderful self with quirky interests and hyper fixation. But I want more for you and I hope you do too. 

You will need to learn how to shop and pay for your items. 
You will need to learn how to keep a home and take care of yourself. 
You will need to learn how to learn without a teacher and lesson plan. 
You will need to learn how to get from point A to point B. 
You will need to learn who to trust and who you cannot. 
You will need to learn how to stand up for yourself and defend yourself. 
You will need to learn how to fit in... 

You will need to work harder than everyone else

School has been a struggle both socially and academically and we have and will continue to try and help you as much as humanly possible each and every day as you learn the things that are taught in Middle School and soon, High School. I am prepared to help you just as much though college but eventually, sometime soon, society will step in and remind me that I must give you wings.  

I want you to have those wings. 

I hope that someday you will understand that the lessons I am teaching you, as hard as they are, are for your benefit and not mine. 
I hope that one day you will see the value in the hard work we do.
I hope that you will understand that I don't want to change you. I love you exactly the way you are, to me you are perfect. 

It would be very easy for me to just have you and love you forever. It will be very hard to teach you how to be independent. 

As much as I want to keep you all to myself forever, I know how amazing you are and once you have your wings everyone else will too. 

We will succeed, we will fail, we will succeed again but no matter what...

I love you both, exactly as you are. 


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